S5GConnect Dumfries – Launch of the 5G Testbed

Friday 29th October, was a key milestone for The Scotland 5G Centre as we officially opened our S5GConnect Dumfries 5G testbed, based at the Crichton Campus.

S5GConnect Dumfries, which is our rural hub, is now open for business offering a wide range of services, including 5G funding and network advice, development workshops and access to a 5G private test bed. You can find out more about the hub services here.

Over 30 people attended our in-person event; including local authorities and companies linked to the South of Scotland. Representatives from the Crichton Trust, Qubiti, University of Glasgow and Scotland Rural College came along to find out more about the 5G testbed and the connectivity opportunities that can offer to the area.

Paul Coffey, CEO at The Scotland 5G Centre opened the event, highlighting the opportunities surrounding the S5GConnect programme and network of hubs including the landmark opening of the S5GConnect Dumfries hub and what this means not only for the region but for The Scotland 5G Centre too:

“Our S5GConnect programme will equip businesses and entrepreneurs across the South of Scotland with the skills they need to understand how 5G can benefit their business.”

Welcome addresses were then given by Kate Thomson, Vice Chair, Crichton Trust where she focused on how the hub will be a key enabler for the South of Scotland’s economic development, and Cllr Dr Elaine Murray, Leader of Dumfries & Galloway Council who highlighted how the hub offers for the region, an opportunity for digital transformation with other areas in the UK such as Northern Ireland looking to replicate the South of Scotland’s advanced technology model.

Andy Todman, Business Engagement Manager for S5GConnect Dumfries later presented to the audience, a series of informative slides about 5G including the evolution of mobile technology and the benefits that the 5G private network can bring to businesses in the local area, highlighting several use cases including the Liverpool 5G Consortium and the West Midlands 5G Connected Ambulance. Both use cases link directly with S5GConnect Dumfries’ key sectors of remote healthcare and agriculture.  He also encouraged the audience to spread the message about the hub and the opportunities it offers.

Following the close of the presentations, AWTG showcased 5G and advanced technology demonstrations, including an augmented reality mobile app which can revolutionize the tourism industry, allowing visitors from all over the world to view a place or object via their mobile phones in real-time, showcasing Scotland to the world; and a 5G-enabled holographic video call, applicable in remote healthcare, a key sector for the hub, allowing the patient and the doctor to be “together” virtually.

“AWTG’s collaboration with S5GConnect Dumfries is expected to bring innovations to local industries powering growth of the local economy. AWTG’s innovation platforms will help local business create new applications in health, agriculture, tourism, and education.” – Ian Vernon (CIIO of AWTG)

Thanks to all for attending, with special thanks going to our speakers. You can find out more about S5GConnect Dumfries here.

For more information about our S5GConnect Programme visit: https://scotland5gcentre.org/s5gconnect/.

Andy’s Presentation can be found here.

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