Leading our nation’s digital future

The Scotland 5G Centre was set up to accelerate the adoption of 5G and realise its economic and societal potential for Scotland.

The S5GC has received investment from the Scottish Government and is an innovative partnership between the University of Strathclyde (which hosts us), the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Futures Trust.

We are collaborating with businesses, academia and the public sector across Scotland, the UK and internationally to realise the benefits of 5G.


In partnership with:

University of Strathclyde University of Glasgow Scottish Futures Trust


The Scotland 5G Centre is creating the foundations for a central hub for 5G in Scotland and helping deliver the Scottish Government’s 5G strategy. Our core objectives and executive team are in place, and we’re developing an exciting operational plan to maximise 5G benefits.

Building understanding

Perhaps you’re a business looking to see what 5G could mean to you?

A local authority keen to understand the possibilities of 5G for delivering services more efficiently?

Or a researcher interested in the 5G funding landscape?

An important element of the Scotland 5G Centre’s support for 5G operators and users is helping you understand what 5G means for you and Scotland. We’re developing a suite of resources and activities to help you do this.

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Developing the ecosystem

For Scotland to realise our potential as a leader in 5G, we need an ecosystem of people and organisations who will connect and share their strengths.

The Scotland 5G Centre is developing a far-reaching engagement plan that connects this ecosystem. To start with, we are concentrating on building our connections, so we can better understand people’s needs and opportunities and develop our engagement plan accordingly.

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Realising 5G’s potential

Our mission is:

Scottish focus: ensuring Scotland’s priorities, global opportunities and challenges are addressed to maximum benefit

Presence: providing a national focal point for all aspects of 5G

Knowledge exchange: identifying, establishing and disseminating best practice in addressing 5G’s challenges

Capacity & capability: facilitating collaboration to open pathways to markets, expertise and funding

Promotion: supporting Scotland’s ability to build scalable partnerships, attract inward investment and demonstrate extended deployment


Rural Connectivity
Led by University of Strathclyde

Our Scotland 5G Rural Testbed project aims to provide wireless and mobile connectivity to rural and remote regions of Scotland and other parts of the UK.

It follows up on the 5GRuralFirst testbed & trial project and focuses on deployment and service provision. The main pillars of the project will be:

  • availability of shared spectrum
  • critical mass of delivery partners
  • access to technology and masts
  • operation of new business models

Long-term benefits include improved access to healthcare, education and government services in rural and remote areas, growth in tourism, and access for local businesses to online facilities.

Innovation Districts
Led by University of Glasgow

Our project on urban innovation districts will see 5G technologies adopted at the heart of urban areas with large daily population movements.

The project will facilitate the creation of a 5G-enabled testbed around the University’s West End campus, for crystallising and connecting UK capabilities within a highly visible, large-scale transformation project.

Tangible outcomes will include the design and build of a unique self-organising network in an urban environment, including a local network and an internet of things (IoT) platform.

Throughout the project, the University of Glasgow team and its partners will actively test how investment in digital infrastructure can leverage the interests of external stakeholders and support business growth and job creation.

Asset Management
Led by Scottish Futures Trust

The adoption of 5G has a critical dependency on the use of land and buildings for deployment of the network. These sites need to be understood and made seamlessly available.

One of our first projects – the Infrastructure Deployment Accelerator – will help both public and private sector to do this. Project deliverables will include:

  • development of a national asset register that provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with information on sites located across Scotland and owned by a broad range of organisations
  • development of financial guidance for the use of the site
  • standardised agreement documents that will simplify and streamline negotiations between MNOs and site owners.


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