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Our S5GConnect Dumfries hub is open to businesses, focusing on key sectors such as agritech and remote healthcare. We’d love you to connect with us and unlock the power of 5G for your own business

Key sectors

  • Agritech
  • Rural economy
  • Remote healthcare delivery
  • Assisted living


Key benefits and opportunities

S5GConnect Dumfries is opening up a range of support, facilities and opportunities for businesses to test and develop new 5G applications and services, including access to:

  • A connection point and network for solution providers and end users to drive efficiencies and output in their business or service provision.
  • A dedicated 5G network with advanced capabilities, including a testbed enabling SMEs to test products, services and solutions.
  • Bespoke and tailored 5G expert consultancy to develop understanding, growth and profitability potential from introducing 5G as part of your technology stack.
  • Workshops and educational events to improve 5G knowledge for business leaders looking to solve problems in new ways.
  • A focal point for partners across industry, academia and the public sector to collaborate and innovate, building out knowledge sharing of the 5G opportunity for the region.

To capture the opportunities and benefits of 5G, use our S5GConnect Dumfries Contact, Events, News, Use Cases and Services pages to find out more, connect with us and accelerate your 5G journey.

  • The Crichton Trust
  • South of Scotland Enterprise
  • AWTG

We believe that 5G connectivity will enable our rural communities to experience the power of fast connectivity and the opportunities this brings for innovation and the future economy, helping to generate the solutions and services we require to meet the challenges of our ageing society, the climate crisis and the fourth industrial revolution.

Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive, The Crichton Trust

Shaping Digital Health & Social Care

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Use Cases

Explore how 5G works in real-life scenarios.

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Contact the hub

To find out more about how to use the hub or partner with us, get in touch with the team at S5GConnect Dumfries.

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Upcoming events at S5GConnect Dumfries for businesses, potential partners and others.

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See the latest news, views and announcements from S5GConnect Dumfries.

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Find out more about the business and innovation services which S5GConnect Dumfries provides.

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Other activity

S5GConnect Dumfries is part of the wider ecosystem in the South of Scotland supporting technology and business growth. Discover how our work fits with that.

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