Our S5GConnect programme offers you a welcoming and enabling space for 5G innovation, whatever your current level of 5G expertise and adoption

The S5GConnect hub network offers an innovation space for entrepreneurs and SMEs across Scotland – offering you access to the right people, knowledge, opportunities and latest 5G network technology. We look forward to connecting with you at one of our hubs, and to showing you how 5G could power up your own business.

Each S5GConnect hub will play a key role in accelerating the process of 5G deployment in key sectors and in making the potential of 5G a reality as we look to rebuild Scotland’s economic recovery post-Covid.

Take a look at our individual S5GConnect hub pages to see details about opportunities, events and who to contact so you yourself can get involved.

Local focus

Each S5GConnect hub is tailored for its own region, with a focus on supporting key local sectors, communities and businesses and other organisations to adopt 5G, and on increasing awareness about 5G and its capabilities.

At all the S5GConnect hubs, we work with different partners to help us deliver and realise the benefits of 5G – not just the business and economic benefits, but social and environmental benefits too.

Whether you’re looking to use 5G to grow your business, or interested in partnering with one of the S5GConnect hubs, there are clear benefits to getting involved. Find out more below.

S5GConnect for users

Discover how the S5GConnect hubs could help you adopt 5G in your business, whatever your size or sector.

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S5GConnect for partners

Discover more about partnering with our S5GConnect hubs across Scotland to support local businesses on 5G.

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