Innovation Challenge (Now Closed)

Are you a UK registered organisation looking to help shape the future of digital health and social care?

The S5GConnect Dumfries innovation challenge aims to support the development and delivery of 5G product and service innovations in the health and social care sector.

Find out how you can get involved and be in for a chance to win a 15-week technical support and business accelerator programme prize, equating to a value of £65,000.


Are you a UK registered organisation looking to help shape the future of digital health and social care?

Then this opportunity is for you! The Scotland 5G Centre’s inaugural innovation challenge hopes to bring new products and services into the supply chain, or closer to market realisation, to meet the needs of the health and social care community.

The Scotland 5G Centre and our partners have outlined 3 core challenges within the Scottish health and social care sector. We are looking for suitable fully registered UK companies to test and validate their digital solution in a stand-alone 5G environment.

This opportunity will allow your company the ability to test your product or service in a private 5G environment but most importantly provides the chance to develop your solution to ensure it is market ready and fit for purpose. It doesn’t stop here; winning companies will also be supported post challenge to exploit their solution in real world environments through the established challenge partner network. You will be working with a wide range of industry experts including 5G technical specialists AWTG and “go-to-market” and scaling advisors CGI. You will also receive 1.1 engagement, insight and knowledge from the challenge owners Dumfries & Galloway Health & Social Care Partnership and Scottish Care.

To apply, you will need to meet our criteria and complete the steps in the selection process. 3 winners will be selected and the innovation challenge will commence 27 June 2022. Companies applying for this challenge are expected to commit to the full programme of activity to maximise the opportunity and value of services being offered.

Key Dates:

Challenge Launch: 12 April 2022

Q&A: Watch it here

Application Deadline: 18 May 2022, 9.30am

Interviews for Semi-Finalists: 1 -3 June 2022

Winners Notified: Read more here

Challenge Begins: 27 June 2022

Challenge Ends: 7 Oct 2022


To all registered UK Businesses


  • Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Scottish Care
  • CGI
  • AWTG
  • Urban Foresight


Download Expression of Interest Application Form


Q&A Event

We recently conducted  a Q&A Session on the 21 April. This session can be viewed on our Vimeo channel.



The Scotland 5G Centre has worked with the challenge owners Dumfries and Galloway Health & Social Care Partnership and Scottish Care to prioritise and review current challenges. The challenges presented are formed from the Sustainability and Modernisation (SAM) Programme in Dumfries and Galloway.

SAM is a new, local change programme established to provide a focus on transforming the way in which health and social care is delivered. SAM aims to promote and drive local change to enable care and support to be delivered in a more effective and efficient way that meets people’s needs in the right place, at the right time, every time.

The collaboration of partners on this innovation challenge are all committed to supporting the winning companies to integrate their solution post the 12-week programme. We aim to work together to tie in the connectivity solution with those who have identified these challenges.

Challenge 1

Access to Health and Social Care

This challenge will look at overcoming issues around the limitation of accessing vital services and technology and making health and social care accessible to all. The challenge would encourage individuals to use technology rather than relying on human resources while still remaining mindful of the social isolation implications of technology.

More information on Challenge 1 here.

Challenge 2

Digital at Home to enable Home Monitoring and Self-Management

We are interested in companies that can propose a 5G enabled solution to address issues around:  

  • Enabling self-management of chronic conditions at home. 
  • Using digital tools to enable people and partners to deliver care more efficiently. 
  • Independent living and enhances quality of life. 
  • Support for informal care givers. 
  • Enhanced home environmental monitoring.  
  • The replacement of analogue to digital in connectivity by 2025. 
  • Digital being a choice. 

“At home” care in this context can also refer to those living independently within managed housing environments. There is also an opportunity for companies to address the switch from analogue to digital within this challenge to ensure services are maintained at a minimum of current standards.

More information on Challenge 2 here.

Challenge 3

Sharing Information and Transparency

The challenge will look at 5G as an enabler to connect all solutions used by a service provider. With a focus on enabling the sharing of information while ensuring the safety of software in an interfaced, network-enabled clinical environment.

We are keen to receive applications from companies that can address issues around:  

  • Implementing a method for unambiguous patient identification. 
  • Developing and implementing decision support which improves safety.  
  • Identifying practices to safely manage information technology system transitions. 
  • Developing real-time methods to enable automated surveillance and monitoring of system performance and safety.  
  • Establishing the cultural and legal framework/safe harbour to allow sharing information about hazards and adverse events. 
  • Developing models and methods for consumers/patients to improve health information technology safety. 

More information on Challenge 3 here.

More Information on TRL Levels can be found here. Full detail about the challenges will be available from April 12 2022.


S5GC will fund three projects, to receive 12-15 weeks technical & business support, depending on the solution being proposed.  There will be scheduled sessions each week which you must attend to evolve your knowledge of the 5G environment and the needs of the challenge holders.

A project plan will be agreed with each of the partners after award to the winning companies.

The Programme of Support will Include

  • Access to a cutting edge stand-alone private 5G network
  • Tailored 1:1 support to develop your solution with experts in this field
  • Technical support and guidance to adapt the solution within a 5G application
  • Training and teaching time
  • Access to industry-leading tools & equipment, to develop your product or service 
  • Support developing a business plan or similar business-related activity (if required)
  • Direct support from challenge partners on the go-to-market potential of your solution
  • 12 months of access post-project to S5GC services to progress your solution, if suitable, this may include a further extension of your solution in health and care settings across Dumfries and Galloway supported by the S5GC and partners.
  • Showcase at CGI’s Innovation Lab, London post challenge close to promote your solution and be exposed to new markets.


  • Up to £1,000 towards travel & subsistence costs. Expense receipts must be submitted.
  • Direct access to challenge owners to discuss the opportunities and limitations of your solution to ensure suitable integration and application in real world environments.
  • Guidance from industry partners and potential customers to help product development
  • National marketing exposure 
  • Exposure to potential customers
  • Networking with your peers

Support is received as ‘in-kind’ and is to be provided by S5GC, AWTG, Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership, Scottish Care or CGI – as appropriate. Prize includes access to physical assets as well as human resources. No cash value. 

Entry Requirements

The competition is open to companies across the UK, although the competition has a specific focus on Scotland, particularly Dumfries and Galloway.

Entrants must:

  • Have a presence in the UK (a valid UK registered business address)
  • Have remote healthcare product/service in development within the technology readiness level*
  • Have a product/service which fits in TRL6-9 and which might require, for example, adaptation to meet a specific business or healthcare need, or an improved level of performance, reliability or stability enabled by 5G connectivity.
  • Have the resources identified or committed to complete the programme in addition to the support provided by S5GC.

Companies should be aware that there is an expectation that the awarded company is able to commit up to 15 weeks of activity with regular visits to the S5GConnect Dumfries Hub.  Time will be blocked out in advance for site visits to develop the solution within the 5G testbed on project mobilisation.

Commitment will depend on the product requirement, but as a general rule, should include at least 1 day/week of technical staff, plus 1 day/week of administrative or management staff towards project completion.

There is approximately 4 hours of direct learning time (mostly virtual) per week but the challenge focuses on access to the 5G network and the direct development of your solution.

*(TRL) range 6 to 9. More Information can be found here.

How to apply

This call will use a two-stage application process. The ability of the applicant to commit to onsite technical development at the S5GC Dumfries hub will also play a role in evaluation. 

Watch our Q&A Session for more detail on how to apply.

Stage 1

The first stage will be an Expression of Interest (EOI) & will collate an overview of the applicant, the remote healthcare solution and the proposed project.  

Stage one is designed to reduce the burden on applicants and assessors while providing enough information to evaluate the potential project.  

Stage one will be evaluated by a team of experts from S5GC, AWTG and representatives from the challenge owners which will result in a shortlist of applicants that will be invited to prepare for an interview.  

Stage 2

Applicants who progress to the second stage, will be invited to an interview with The S5GC and AWTG. Questions will be provided in advance (approx. 1 week prior). 

This second stage will explore more detail regarding the project plan and market potential of the resulting 5G remote healthcare solution.  

The shortlisted applicants will discuss their proposed project with the S5GC & AWTG to review its feasibility and potential evolution and outcomes over the course of the programme. 

The awards to the 3 companies will be made at conclusion of this phase after a final review of shortlisted companies with the challenge owners and partners.

Registered companies across the UK are eligible to apply for the competition, especially those who are seeking to deliver a solution to the health & social care system, where 5G is at its heart.

Interested parties should submit an initial Expression of Interest which explains their project idea, the project’s proposed impact on rural health & social care and how the use of 5G/S5GC will improve your project.

Stage 1:

Download Expression of Interest Application Form

Submission of proposals: Applications should be sent to the addresses indicated, by the times above. Late or partially complete submissions will not be considered: or

Key Dates:

Challenge Launch: 12 April 2022

Live Q&A: 21 April 2022 at 13.00

Deadline for Submitted Applications: 18 May at 09.30

Interviews for Semi-Finalists: 01 -03 June 2022

Winners Notified: w.c 6th June

Challenge Begins: 27 June 2022

Challenge Ends: 7 Oct 2022


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