We’re trailblazers!

The Scotland 5G Centre Chair Julie Snell and Chief Executive Paul Coffey have been recognised as 5G trailblazers.

The accolade seeks to showcase the people who are setting the agenda 5G in the UK. According to Ericsson, Julie and Paul are ‘catalysts’ –pushing the boundaries of connectivity, leading 5G programmes through investment and experimentation.

Julie Snell said the award demonstrates the Centre is making real impact.  She added: “It also highlights the relevance of the research being done across the 5G sector which ultimately will have a lasting, positive influence on our economic recovery.”

Paul Coffey said: “To achieve this recognition in the Centre’s first year of operation is a testament to how far we have come.  Our three founding projects are making excellent progress and we launched the Scotland 5G Connect programme which will deliver even higher levels of regional collaboration and support.” 

About Ericsson Trailblazers

Britain has never needed 5G more. 5G connectivity has the potential to transform the way we live and work for the better, fast-tracking the UK’s economic recovery and enabling the use of game-changing technology in every field.

That’s why Ericsson is showcasing the work of people setting the 5G agenda. Their goal is to shed a light on the important projects that are gaining momentum and to inspire people about what 5G can do to change their lives and businesses.

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