Vodafone’s 5G impact report aligns with the Scotland 5G Centre’s thinking

Research out on Monday 29 June 2020, commissioned by Vodafone and authored by Matthew Oakley, highlights how the 5G “revolution” could help transform businesses across ­sectors, including manufacturing and retail.

Commenting on the findings of Vodafone’s report on 5G, Paul Coffey, CEO of the Scotland 5G Centre, said: “The findings in Vodafone’s report very much align with the many economic and societal benefits we believe 5G can bring to communities across Scotland. Through the creation of new companies and products, along with better access to job opportunities and public services, 5G will be very different to what has come before and will have a transformational impact. To become a global leader, Scotland has to be at the vanguard of infrastructure deployment and development, as well as the trial of new use cases.

“To support that aim, we are planning to create a network of digital hubs across the country. These will provide a platform that enables innovation, leading to new products, processes, and adoption of these services at scale. The innovation enabled by 5G will be critical in the months and years ahead as we look to aid economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, with Scotland offering the ideal place to develop applications and showcase what is possible anywhere in the world.”

Take a look here at Vodafone’s report.


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