Unlocking the Power of 5G in Urban Areas – 17th August 2021

Advanced 5G technology is expected to be up to 100 times faster than the existing 4G networks, with a much lower latency rate when sending and receiving data in real-time. These 5G networks will also be able to handle a much larger number of connected devices, enabling them to speak to one another – a key component of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

The speakers at our urban event set out what is happening here in Scotland and wider within the UK  to explore 5G in urban areas and how this can support sustainable urban development.

Robin Presswood, Executive Director of City Development of Dundee City Council gave the keynote speech highlighting the work which Dundee is doing, having recently been named one of the top 3 tech hubs to watch in 2021, including within digital and cyber security, digital tourism and E-Sports.

During the panel session, Paul Coffey CEO at the Scotland 5G centre was joined by Robert Franks, Managing Director, West Midlands 5G; Lynsey Brydson, Innovation Manager, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre; Ann Williams, Commissioning and Contract Manager, Liverpool City Council and Graham Thrower, Head of Sustainable Economy, Urban Foresight.

The panel discussed the importance of simplifying, streamlining and improving processes to reduce the cost of installing sites and small cells within an urban area; the benefits of 5G for industry including the ability to plan, survey and analyse data quickly; addressing and reducing the digital divide and ensuring ubiquitous broadband access and content-rich applications across education, services and healthcare sectors.

Watch the event recording here:

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