University of Glasgow’s Online Workshops: 5G Series

A team of 5G researchers under the leadership of Prof Muhammad Imran at Communication, Sensing and Imaging (CSI) group, University of Glasgow has been actively engaged in transferring the knowledge from the university level down to primary and secondary schools.

They are inspiring the future generations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students through a series of online workshops that introduce the primary and secondary pupils about 5G communications and showcase the applications of 5G through a number of demonstrations that are developed in-house as part of The Scotland 5G Centre’s urban testbed.

Key contributions from experts such as Dr Sajjad Hussain, Dr Qammer Abbasi, Dr Yusuf Sambo, Dr Wasim Ahmad, Dr Hasan Abbas, Dr Guodong Zhao and Dr Shuja Ansari are presented and introduced in this series of short videos.

University of Glasgow’s 5G Series

Part 1: Introduction to the University of Glasgow & The Scotland 5G Centre

Part 2: Introduction to 5G

Part 3: Exploring Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Part 4: Introducing Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications 

Part 5: Introducing massive machine type communications

Part 6: Robotics demo

Part 7: Telerobotics and 5G

Part 8: Exploring holographic telepresence over 5G

Part 9: Radio frequency based internet of desks demonstration

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