S5GConnect Awareness Launch -23rd June 2021

On 23rd June 2021, we held our S5GConnect Awareness Launch, the first event of our Summer Events Programme.

Ms Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance & the Economy, gave the welcome address to attendees, highlighting the potential of 5G to transform communities and the Scottish economy.

The keynote speech was delivered by Sarah Eynon, Associate Director in the Digital Infrastructure Team at Scottish Futures Trust. Sarah spoke about the benefits and capabilities of 5G, the importance of digital training and collaboration between organisations and the key role that the Scotland 5G Centre plays in ensuring Scotland is a leading digital nation.

During the panel session, Scotland 5G Centre CEO Paul Coffey was joined by Rory Young, Team Leader for Business Development at Dundee City Council, representing S5GConnect Dundee; Andrew Tyler, Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling, representing S5GConnect Forth Valley; and Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust, representing S5GConnect Dumfries. The panel spoke about how the S5GConnect hubs will play a key role in accelerating the deployment and awareness of 5G and the potential of 5G in transforming their regions and supporting their local economies.

The S5GConnect Awareness Launch kicks off The Scotland 5G Centre’s virtual events programme, which runs from June – September 2021.

Watch the recording of the Launch event on our Vimeo channel

Watch Kate Forbes MSP’s welcome address

For more information and to book your place at our next events, visit:

What Makes 5G Special? (29th June, 10am)

5G in rural areas (27th July, 10am)

5G in urban areas (17th August, 10am)

If you want to contact any of the hubs to discuss potential opportunities or partnerships, please reach:

S5GCDumfries  – Andy Todman at andy.todman@scotland5gcentre.org

S5GCDundee – Lara Moloney at lara.moloney@scotland5gcentre.org

S5GC Forth Valley – Tom Marchbanks at tom.marchbanks@scotland5gcentre.org

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