Lunch & Learn: Connected Ports – 21st June

Ports are the primary nexus of global trade – by orders of magnitude, more goods flow through them than any other international trade hub. Statista.com showed 1.83 billion metric tons flow through ports each year at a collective value of $12 trillion USD.

And as the future of trade is shaped by technology developments like automation, blockchain and sustainable infrastructure, `Smart Ports’ are increasingly implementing innovations across the entire value chain with a wide range of technologies.

Enabled by private, stand-alone 5G networks there is an increased use of technological solutions like robotics and the IoT which are driving increased productivity. Such networks also support capacity sensing, route optimization, energy management, fault detection & resolution and all can be done much more (cost) efficiently.

Today we held our fourth Lunch & Learn session following successful events on Connected Manufacturing, Connected Health & Social Care and Connected Offshore Wind.

Business Engagement Manager for S5GConnect Forth Valley, Tom Marchbanks hosted the session exploring the benefits of 5G and advanced technology to Ports.

With around 2,000 ports in the world, it is clear that innovation in this sector would have a significant impact world-wide. In a recent Deloitte report on global port operations, it is suggested that operations times at ports could be reduced by up to 30% with the introduction of advanced technology.

Following an introduction from Tom, the session’s guest speaker Simon Haston, Digital Place Lead with BT gave an insight into BT’s Belfast Port project where they have been working to install a 5G eco-system and deliver innovative smart port solutions and services at Belfast Harbour.

Simon discussed the benefits of Smart Ports including increased levels or reliability, ability and performance and how 5G can support remote operations and tracking, smart surveillance, automation and monitoring, augmented reality and connected vehicles.

View the recording here.

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