ESA Funding Call – Scotland 5G Webinar


  • The key to unlocking funding from space agencies?

Do you work in 5G terrestrial or satellite communications?  Are you seeking funding to demonstrate a business idea that relates to how the convergence of these technologies might benefit the logistics sector?

If yes, then please attend the webinar hosted by The Scotland 5G Centre on Monday 28 September at 0930 hrs.

Scotland is already carving out a reputation for itself in space technology as some of these examples below demonstrate:

  • Space Hub Sutherland, near Tongue in the far north of Scotland, will be Scotland’s first space port for the launch of satellites.
  • Shetland Space Centre plans to build and operate a satellite launch site and a ground station in Unst, Shetland. Its aim is to have a satellite launch facility in place by late 2021.
  • Skyrora designs, manufactures and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access space.
  • Scotland is already seen as a hub for satellite activity, with Glasgow building more satellites than anywhere else outside the US. Read more about this here.

During the event on 28 September, our CEO Paul Coffey will facilitate a session with high profile representatives from the European and UK space agencies, and the Department for Culture Media and Sport.

These organisations have joined forces to launch a funding call to encourage further developments to enhance the UK’s logistics sector – from rail to ports, from DPD to Amazon.  Companies, including SMEs, are being invited to submit ideas for demonstration projects focusing on the development and pre-operational sustainable downstream services – before 15 December 2020.

Specific ‘worked examples’ in the webinar will cover:

  • Transport and Logistics (Network Rail)
  • An introduction to Smart Ports (North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence)
  • 5G and Urban Mobility (Ferrovial)

The session will close with a discussion about potential projects in Scotland – and next steps to increase collaboration – all with S5GC at the helm.

Those attending will gain an invaluable insight about the opportunities arising from the increasing convergence of terrestrial and satellite communications – and why 5G capability is a crucial element that will help inform and strengthen their bids.

You will also learn more about Scotland’s interest and expertise in these technologies – particularly with regard to the potential benefits for our rural communities – and how the Scotland 5G Centre is already working to bridge the gap between academia, industry and government bodies.

Paul Coffey, CEO, The Scotland 5G Centre, said: “COVID-19 has reaffirmed how important logistics companies are in keeping us connected and providing vital services like food to people’s homes and medical deliveries to people’s hospitals.

“The development of 5G is central to improving convergence between terrestrial and satellite communications and Scotland is well-placed to help organisations with innovative ideas to capitalise on these opportunities.

“During the webinar we will explain where the opportunities are, talk about the current projects in Scotland and explain how they secured funding that helped turned their early ideas into reality. This is another example of how the Scotland 5G Centre is working to close the gap between academia, industry and government bodies to accelerate 5G deployment.”

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