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Whether you’re a business, a local authority or journalist, there are some key 5G resources that will help you understand Scotland’s 5G opportunities, aspirations and sources of help. We've signposted them for you.

  • 5G in Scotland

    Scotland Government 5G Strategy

    Date: August 2019

    The Scottish Government wants Scotland to be at the forefront of the 5G revolution, believing 5G technology can bring huge social, economic and environmental benefits.

    Its 5G strategy – Forging our Digital Future with 5G – tells you more.

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    5G RuralFirst

    Date: Project ended 2019

    This project was a precursor to our own 5G Rural Testbed project.

    Led by Cisco, working with University of Strathclyde and other partners, it showcased the potential of 5G in the rural environment.

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    Deloitte Report on Scotland’s Digital Potential with Enhanced 4G and 5G Capability

    Date: August 2019

    In 2019, Deloitte assessed the potential economic impact of enhanced digital connectivity in Scotland and found a potential economic uplift worth up to £17 billion in GDP by 2035.

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  • 5G and health

    ICNIRP Guidelines

    Date: March 2020

    ICNIRP – the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection – guidelines on limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields, covering all frequencies used for mobile telecommunications in the UK. 5G levels are well within these guidelines.

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    Ofcom research on exposure to electromagnetic fields

    Date: April 2020

    Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, has carried out research on electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements near 5G mobile phone base stations (including in Scotland), and published its research results. Useful for anyone looking to rebut 5G conspiracy theories

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  • 5G and security

    Safe, secure and prosperous: a cyber resilience strategy for Scotland

    Date: 2015

    The Scottish Government’s national framework for helping Scotland’s people, businesses and public sector use technology securely, and respond to and prevent cyber crime.

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  • Support for businesses

    UK5G Supplier Directory

    Date: June 2020

    UK5G have launched the 5G Suppliers Directory, created to harness efficiencies in building effective 5G innovation trials within the UK.

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    Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Guide

    Date: March 2020

    A snapshot of the different entrepreneurial support organisations, incubators, accelerators, Innovation Centres and co-working spaces in Scotland.

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  • General 5G news


    UK5G is the UK’s national 5G innovation network and you’ll find a huge range of 5G news, resources and discussions on its website, updated almost daily.

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