What does ‘true’ 5G mean?

WHEN: 20 Apr 2021 WHERE: Virtual event

Delayed gratification? The hype around 5G has not yet materialised. Is this another bubble set to burst, or should we wait and be grateful for true game-changing technology?

The press coverage of 5G and announcements of new technological breakthroughs and services has not slowed during the global pandemic, but are consumers and enterprises really seeing the ‘true’ 5G that was promised by 3GPP yet? We have faster upload and download speeds, but where are we in relation to the lower latency and massive device density promises? There has been a fundamental change in network architecture to embrace “service-based architecture” deployment models, but how far have we travelled in the direction of 5G standalone networks, with flexible and virtualised infrastructures? Have we reached the point where open standards support networks is being orchestrated end-to-end fashion from a single point of control? When will we see the deployment of services that take advantage of end-to-end network slicing and dynamic resource allocation? When will advanced analytics and automation fully support the concept of Self-Organising Networks?

The series will begin with a session on what ‘true’ 5G means via an introduction to the three main themes explored in more detail during the subsequent sessions:

  • How open standards and orchestration will act as pathways to fully virtualised networks
  • The deployment of private networks and slicing to meet the needs of industrial and enterprise users
  • The challenges and realities of deploying 5G virtualised networks

The S5GC Chair, Julie Snell, and CEO, Paul Coffey, will be contributing to this discussion. The session will conclude with a closing panel discussion and opportunity for people to network. Sign up here.

This event is the first of four in a month long series by Cambridge Wireless sponsored by UK5G   – Virtual Network SIG series: Realising the ‘true 5G’ dream. Find out more about other events in the Virtual Networks SIG series: Realising the ‘true 5G’ dream