Holyrood’s Climate Emergency Summit

WHEN: 16 Nov 2022 WHERE: Glasgow tbc
External Event

A year on from COP26 in Glasgow and our own corresponding COP26 Fringe Festival, we will host our Climate Emergency Summit. This two-day conference will feature the most topical discussions on the issues that matter on a local, regional, national and international level as we work towards climate mitigation by 2045.

As we approach the middle of the decade, Scotland and the world are at a crossroads. Last year at COP26, world leaders committed to the Glasgow Climate Pact to ‘keeping 1.5 degrees alive’. They, and all of us, have to start delivering on this if this is to become a reality. Yet, according to the Met Office, far from limiting global temperatures to a 1.5-degree rise by 2050, there is, in fact, a 50/50 chance we will be there by 2030.

If we are to avoid this fate and the calamities that rising temperatures will cause around the globe, we must act, and we must act now. From the way we organise our economic transactions to the choices we make on how we travel, many aspects of life close and far away from home need to change.

By attending this event, you will learn about:

  • The progress Scotland is making towards its net-zero target, with examples from the private, public and voluntary sectors
  • What more we can do to accelerate the transition, including how we heat and retrofit our buildings and decarbonise at home
  • Scotland’s role on the world stage as a global climate leader, particularly in facilitating climate resilience

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