Digital Economy-themed briefing event

WHEN: 25 May 2022 WHERE: Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
External Event

Brought to you by Futurescot, this one-off briefing event will chart the progress of Scotland’s national ambition to become a leading tech nation – by ‘levelling up’ the digital and data economy and creating the next generation of high-quality jobs and internet services. 

Fuelled by a desire to be the data capital of Europe, the event will reflect on the recent updates to the national digital strategy, A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world, to ‘utilise the potential of Scotland’s digital ecosystem to stimulate and scale innovation in ways that meet public service and environmental challenges at home and abroad’. 

In a focused 2hr discussion, hosted in Edinburgh and featuring digital policymakers and innovation leaders, we take a deep dive into this vision as Scotland seeks to create the conditions for technology businesses to grow, thrive, create jobs and attract investment, and build the digital skills in the workforce to enable these businesses to recruit on the international stage.

And we look at how collaboration is key to that aim: whether between public, private and third sectors or national innovation centres working closely with academia to unlock the potential of cutting-edge research data – driving the next breakthroughs in industry, from artificial intelligence to quantum computing, 5G, space and the internet of things (IoT). 

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