5G and the Creative Industries: Sports, Events & Performing Arts

WHEN: 25 Oct 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

Join this event to hear more about how 5G has the potential to bring new and exciting opportunities across the sports, events and performing arts sectors, transforming how we can reach and engage with audiences.

5G brings new and exciting opportunities across these sectors, with Intel’s 5G Economics of Entertainment report forecasting 5G will bring $1.3 trillion increased revenue to the entertainment industry by 2028.

5G is not just the next generation of mobile-tech communications but the means to transform experience and reach new audiences and markets.  Learn what 5G can do for your organisation and hear how you can harness this potential with case studies from other organisations who have already trialled and deployed 5G

This event, co-hosted by UK5G and SVG will be of interest to anyone interested in the future of Sports, Events & the Performing Arts.

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