5G and Manufacturing – A state of readiness

WHEN: 25 Aug 2020 WHERE: Virtual Event


The Global Digital Economy is expanding rapidly, with significant implications for all business sectors, and the deployment of 5G communications technologies is a key part of the digital future.

5G networks can easily support high-density, connected sensors to provide reliable, instant responses to develop more sophisticated processes that can drive efficiency in factories and warehouses. Wireless technologies will improve processes as part of ‘Industry 4.0’ to digitalise manufacturing, increasing productivity at a lower cost, and reducing maintenance downtime

You are invited to join a workshop focusing on digital manufacturing/industry 4.0 delivered by the Scotland 5G Centre, the Scottish centre for accelerating deployment and adoption of 5G, in partnership with UK5G, the national advisory body for the UK’s national 5G support programme.

We will have senior representatives present from the Scotland 5G Centre, the UK5G SME working group and a number of key external speakers who will give a non-technical description of 5G, case studies demonstrating early business applications of 5G and an explanation of how the Scotland 5G Centre is here to support the sector.


  • Share what 5G is and what opportunities it may hold for SMEs involved in the manufacturing sector or in the sector supply chains via relevant case study presentations.
  • To hear from experienced 5G/Digital Adviser practitioners already working with SMEs and start-ups about their practical experience as to what actually works in helping SMEs engage.
  • Initiate a series of events led by S5GC focusing on 5G and manufacturing


  • Welcome – Paul Coffey, Scotland 5G Centre
  • Introduction to 5G – Peter Curnow-Ford, UK5G SME and LEP working group
  • Case studies highlighting specific applications for manufacturing.
  • International Opportunities – Andrew Lambert, UK5G SME and LEP working group
  • The role of the Scotland 5G Centre – Paul Coffey, Scotland 5G Centre
  • Open dialogue

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