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The Scotland 5G Centre is leading the 5G ecosystem in Scotland. We’re working with our partners, businesses, public sector, universities and communities, in Scotland and the rest of the UK, to capture the opportunities and benefits of 5G.

Whether you’re a business, investor, researcher or part of the public sector, we’re your point of connection for 5G – offering events, information, news and signposting to 5G opportunities.

Through our projects, connections, events and resources, we’re growing 5G capabilities, ambitions and awareness nationwide – among businesses of all types, and in cities, towns and remote rural locations alike.

Hosted by the University of Strathclyde, and funded by the Scottish Government, we work with organisations across Scotland, the rest of the UK and internationally.

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5G projects

Our investment in a range of 5G projects is accelerating 5G adoption and innovation in Scotland, by:

  • boosting connectivity
  • developing skills
  • offering insights on different use cases
  • providing access to a unique demonstration and development environment
  • engaging product and service developers, supply chains and researchers
  • establishing Scotland as a leader in 5G development and deployment.

In short, our projects are a springboard for businesses of all sizes and public sector organisations to explore the potential of 5G.


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