Use S5GConnect to accelerate your business

Our growing network of S5GConnect hubs is here to help you address the challenges and opportunities you face on 5G, and ensure you are equipped with the skills to benefit from all that 5G can offer your business and industry sector.

At each S5GConnect hub, you have the opportunity to engage at three different levels: Awareness, Evaluation and Enablement.


Our Awareness support is all about showing you the transformational options available through 5G, through real-life use cases. You will be given materials and invited to online and physical events to help you get up to speed about 5G and share your learnings with your wider stakeholders.


Our Evaluation support can take your business to the next level of 5G adoption, including:

  • coaching on how 5G could scale your business or commercial products
  • innovation challenges where businesses can apply to access our innovative test environment and support services


Our Enablement level includes up to 6 months of support and can help you:

  • accelerate time to market by providing access to the 5G Innovation Platform and sandbox environment
  • develop, prototype, test and demonstrate new products and services, and connect with anchor partners, customers and customised ecosystem and business services, plus consultancy and mentoring support

S5GConnect Programme

S5GConnect is a £4m Scottish Government funded programme to accelerate adoption of 5G. Whether you’re a potential 5G user or could be a partner in running S5GConnect, we’d love to talk to you.

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S5GConnect Dumfries

S5GConnect Dumfries is Scotland’s first rural 5G connectivity hub, helping to accelerate the potential of 5G to transform communities and economies across the south of Scotland.

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S5GConnect Dundee

The S5GConnect Dundee hub is working with businesses and entrepreneurs in a range of sectors, from gaming and virtual reality to healthcare, manufacturing and others.

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S5GConnect Forth Valley

Our Forth Valley S5GConnect hub is focusing on key issues and sectors such as environment, assisted living and green data. Businesses of all sizes are welcome to engage on these and other issues.

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