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Below are some videos that will tell you how advancements in mobile technology will impact Scotland.

There are also videos from our webinars so you can recap on specific aspects or speakers. Or if you didn’t manage to get along to the webinar you can catch up.


Leading in the 5G Era – Watch our 5G video to find out what 5G could mean for the nation, and hear from policymakers, businesses, academics and stakeholders on their 5G priorities and ambitions.


S5GC webinar – Cyber security – 28 May 2020

This webinar hosted by ScotlandIS in partnership with S5GC and the Scottish Government’s Cyber Security team was based around a series of four short presentations of the key issues:

Paul Coffey, CEO Scotland 5G Centre

Greig Paul, Mobile Networks and Security, EEE, S5GC and University of Strathclyde

Ciara Mitchell, Head of Cyber, Scotland IS

Keith McDevitt, Cyber Security Integrator, Scottish Government

Take at a look at the video.


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