Past Events

30 Nov 2021
The Evolution of Critical Communications
WHEN: 30 Nov 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

When private or professional-mobile-radio (PMR) first started, radio users could contact the base from within a 50-mile radius. The acceleration of technological development has enhanced the way businesses communicate, and, though still in use by many firms, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is a direct digital replacement to analogue PMR. We hear from several experts who […]

13 Oct 2021
GovTech Summit 2021 ‘Build Back Digital’
WHEN: 13 Oct 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

The GovTech Summit brings together the world’s brightest technological innovators with Europe’s leading public sector decision makers to rethink how governments operate in a digital world, shaping the public services and markets of the future. Book here

12 Oct 2021
GovTech Global 2021 – Advancing New and Emerging Technologies in Government
WHEN: 12 Oct 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

GovTech 2021 invites data and technology pioneers to explore the challenges and successes of implementing new and emerging technologies in the public sector. Tech trailblazers and government officials will come together virtually on 12th October 2021 to share knowledge and bridge the gap between policy and cutting-edge technology.  Book here

11 Oct 2021
5G and the Creative Industries: Production and Distribution
WHEN: 11 Oct 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

Join this event to learn more about what 5G can do for screen industries-based businesses and how you can harness this potential. You will also get the chance to hear more from other organisations who have already trialled and deployed 5G. 5G networks have the potential to transform the production and broadcast of content from […]

7 Oct 2021
Bringing the Internet Of Things to the Highlands and Islands
WHEN: 7 Oct 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

IoT technology enables devices, such as everyday objects, machinery and systems to connect to the internet. The data gathered from their use can then be used to develop and shape future plans and processes. At the event, hear from industry experts, communities, businesses and organisations in Scotland who have used Internet of Things (IoT) technology […]

5 Oct 2021
The future for infrastructure in Scotland
WHEN: 5 Oct 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

***Full-scale policy conference taking place online*** This conference will examine next steps for infrastructure development in Scotland and the measures that can be taken to drive economic recovery across the country and tackle challenges around the environment and inequality, as well as examining developments in people’s working lives, their priorities, and their habits. Book your […]

27 Sep 2021
5G and the Creative Industries: Gaming
WHEN: 27 Sep 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event
External Event

5G brings new and exciting opportunities across the creative industries sector and has the potential to offer the immersion, competition and cognition to mobile and cloud gaming that players are demanding. This event from UK5G and Immerse UK will be of interest to anyone interested in the future of gaming, how 5G can mainstream cloud […]

21 Sep 2021
Connected Britain 2021
WHEN: 21 Sep 2021 WHERE: London
External Event

The UK’s number 1 event to understand the technology, regulation and investment environment for the rollout of next generation broadband, as well as to meet with all the leaders in the space.

21 Sep 2021
5G World Summit
WHEN: 21 Sep 2021 WHERE: Virtual event/Hybrid event
External Event

There has been a huge amount of change in the industry over the past year, and 5G World is committed to giving you the platform you need to stay up to date in the market and connect with peers and partners.