Events & Tourism

Industries such as tourism and metropolitan events can take advantage of the new capacities offered by 5G, for example working with Scotland’s growing audiovisual creative industries to create new forms of smart tourism using immersive content.

The faster connectivity and low latency of 5G can enable more sophisticated, immersive and user-friendly content using AR and VR:

These opportunities will be especially important as the events and tourism sector looks to recover from the impacts of Covid-19. Pre-lockdown tourism alone contributed around £6bn to Scotland’s GDP (2015 figures).

Example use cases

  • Visitors can experience reconstruction of key moments in history on a mobile AR app using 360 degree video, as trialled in Orkney by Historic Environment Scotland
  • AR portals could allow users to enjoy immersive and educational content showcasing some of Scotland’s key landmarks
  • Situations such as sporting events (fanzones, temporary stands), music festivals/events etc require high-demand, dense, temporary telecommunication networks. Pop-up 5G, as well as federation and roaming/authentication on to networks (including WiFi), can be used to cope with significantly higher demand for mobile/wireless connectivity and enhance the user experience. 5G could also support public safety at large events (eg, Ultra High Definition CCTV, real-time video analytics)
  • AR/VR combined with sporting events: this can be used to give the sense of virtual presence for remote audiences. Audiences can watch events from the perspective of their favourite player/athlete. Live information and facts can be augmented on the displays. Since the cameras are mobile (especially for events like cycling, car racing, etc), WiFi and fixed wireless will not work. Low latency is required for real-time experience and high throughput required for 4K and multi-camera broadcast

How we help

Our S5GConnect programme is helping organisations of all sizes to unlock 5G’s potential in key sectors, including events & tourism, and to put Scotland at the forefront of 5G technologies in this sector

In addition, our regular events bring together like-minded people to discuss challenges and collaborate on opportunities.

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